Social Responsibility

In order to promote the development of the regions where our factory and lake operations are located, SODAŞ SODYUM SANAYİİ A.Ş. contributes to the development of the local population by providing the necessary material and moral support to Schools, Health Centers and Local Administrations as well as by building parks and libraries in these regions.  

Every year, SODAŞ provides support to educational institutions, students in need and social-support projects at a rate determined by the General Assembly.

In addition, scholarships are granted to successful but financially limited relatives of our employees.

Due to these contributions and support, in May 2007, the late Cihat Kora, who had served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for 15 years and Honorary President for the last 15 years, and Mr. Reha Kora, who has served at all levels of the Board of Directors for 39 years as well as the Chairman of the Board of Directors (July 2009), were awarded the Turkish Grand National Assembly Outstanding Service Award.