SODAŞ SODYUM SANAYİİ A.Ş. aims to provide continuous service, reasonable prices, timely delivery and products of the desired quality by giving particular importance to ensuring the satisfaction of its employees, dealers, customers and suppliers.

SODAŞ SODYUM SANAYİİ A.Ş. makes a point of ensuring that the management and employees act in accordance with the laws and moral principles, develop its products through R&D studies, meet customer needs and expectations and continuously offer greater customer satisfaction, and make savings on natural and energy resources by protecting the raw materials offered by the nature without harming the environment.

It was certified in 2001 that the products manufactured by SODAŞ SODYUM SANAYİİ A.Ş. in Çardak Refined Sodium Sulphate Factory meet the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality Management System. And the system requirements have been continuously fulfilled and implemented ever since.

Our Corporate Quality Policy on maintaining the requirements of the system is as follows:


At SODAŞ A.Ş., one of the well-established companies operating in the Turkish Refined Sodium Sulphate manufacturing sector, we are committed to:

  • • Ensuring the adoption of a participatory and pluralistic management approach throughout our organization, and to that end, promoting leadership and employee participation in all our processes,
  • • Creating a proper infrastructure and working environment for our employees, ensuring that they receive the necessary training, and improving their motivation,
  • • Providing high-quality products by meeting customer needs and expectations in the fastest and best possible way, emphasizing and prioritizing customer satisfaction, and exceeding customer expectations,
  • • Strictly implementing the goals and plans laid out to ensure the sustainability of the quality management system standards, taking its goals to the next level every year,
  • • Utilizing resources effectively and with maximum efficiency,
  • • Fulfilling all applicable conditions, including the legal and regulatory requirements set out by government institutions and organizations as well as ISO 9001:2015 standard,
  • • Supervising the effectiveness of the quality management system and carrying out continuous improvement studies