Ethical Responsibility

Theleading values ​​that have made SODAŞ what it is today are its reputation, itsability to make a difference and be a pioneer in any field it operates, and itstradition of adopting the highest ethical and corporate governance standards atall levels on a global scale. The ethical rules summarized below that are laidout by our Board of Directors within the scope of these core values constitutethe main principles of conduct for our company. All of our employees strictlycomply with these principles and rules. SODAŞ aims to be reliable, responsible,accountable and transparent to its partners, shareholders, employees,suppliers, business partners, competitors, environment, society and humanity ingeneral.

Whilereaching its goals, SODAŞ acts in accordance with the laws, international rulesof law, and business ethics. In addition, our company strictly complies withthe following ethical rules:

  • Trade secrets, information that hasnot yet been disclosed to the public, information pertaining to personal rightsof employees and agreements made with third parties, which are provided by thecompany or that can be possibly accessed or found out at the workplace due totheir position, are evaluated within the scope of confidentiality andprotection of trade secrets, and maximum care is exercised to preserve suchinformation.

  • All official statements areannounced to the shareholders and the public in a complete, simultaneous andcomprehensible manner in line with the equality principle through the unitsdetermined by SODAŞ. Thus, SODAŞ ensures that all shareholders have access toinformation at the same time and on the basis of equality.

  • SODAŞ condones and disapprovesderiving any benefits by using all kinds of information and documents belongingto SODAŞ in any manner that is considered insider trading.

  • SODAŞ employees strictly avoidactions that may result in a conflict of interest, and take due care to protectthe company's interests when performing their duties.

  • They avoid conduct aimed atderiving benefits for themselves or their relatives. SODAŞ never toleratesemployees who seek to obtain inappropriate personal benefits by exploitingtheir station and provide benefits to their relatives or third parties.

  • SODAŞ carries out all itsoperations in compliance with national and international laws and regulations,and takes an impartial and equal position with all institutions andorganizations without expecting any benefit.

  • SODAŞ ensures that all kinds ofreports, financial statements or records it prepares are kept in accordancewith the accounting principles established in line with the currentlegislation.

  • SODAŞ seeks to ensure the highestlevel of customer satisfaction, treats all its customers honestly and fairly,and produces fast and permanent solutions by acting responsibly towards theproblems of its customers.

  • SODAŞ recognizes the effective useof its employees' right to organize and collective bargaining, conducts allrecruitment and employment process based on the principle of equality, andrejects discrimination based on religion, language, race, gender and ethnicity,and employment under any kind of coercion or pressure.

  • SODAŞ places emphasis on providingits employees with a safe and most convenient working environment, and makesconstant efforts to promote continuous improvement.

  • SODAŞ identifies and implementstraining programs that aim to provide its employees with the knowledge, skills,attitudes and conduct that are necessary to keep them up to date with all kindsof developments and changes in the nature of their job, increase their jobsatisfaction, and enable them to be more successful in the businessenvironment, and then, evaluates the results that prove beneficial for theCompany. It provides its employees with domestic and international training opportunitieswhere they can develop their professional know-how and skills within the boundsof possibility.

  • SODAŞ develops a performancemanagement system that will allow employees to see the results of their ownwork and evaluate the results of their personal success, and provides fair andequal opportunities in the implementation of this system. It also creates acareer management system and ensures its implementation. It takes thesecriteria into account in advancements and promotions.

  • In order to increase theproductivity of its employees, SODAŞ ensures the emergence of "CorporateCulture and Awareness," which will reinforce employee commitment to theOrganization and encourage working by meeting their social and cultural needs.

  • SODAŞ also guide implementationprocesses by seeking the opinions of its employees through surveys and othersimilar means, and ensures their participation in the management anddecision-making processes.

  • SODAŞ takes its decisions withsense of accountability and responsibility, and strives to manage resources andassets in the most efficient manner.

  • In its investment preferences,SODAŞ acts in accordance with the principles of continuous improvement forhuman health, operational safety and environmental protection standards.

  • SODAŞ employees are activelyinvolved in all kinds of services for non-governmental organizations and publicinterest, and as a responsible corporate citizen, they support social,educational, health-related and sports activities.

  • SODAŞ condones unethical behaviorssuch as bribery, corruption, and abuse of power, supports all efforts toeliminate such crimes, and avoids giving and receiving gifts aimed at derivingany privilege or benefit

  • It is unacceptable for theemployees to harm the Company by abusing their powers for their own benefitand/or that of their relatives, and exercising such powers without the duediligence that is expected from them.

  • Employees cannot directly orindirectly derive personal gain from corporate procurement and sales activitiesand from all transactions and contracts to which the Company is a party.

  • Employees may not engage in actsand conduct that violates sense of ethics, the law and the Company discipline.

  • Employees cannot engage in privatebusiness relations with or borrow money and/or goods/services for personal usefrom the Company's customers, subcontractors or suppliers and other personsand/or organizations with which the Company has commercial relations, andcannot lend out any money and/or grant loans to other persons and/ororganizations with which the Company has commercial relations.

  • The following points are taken intoconsideration in relations with customers: a transaction cannot be made beyondthe knowledge of the customer even if such transaction would serve the benefitof the customer, the weaknesses of a customer cannot be exploited even if doingso would prove beneficial for the company, and an employee cannot seek toderive any profits by providing a customer with incomplete or incorrectinformation.

  • Employees cannot request or implysuch requests for gifts from other persons and/or organizations with whom theCompany has commercial relations, and cannot accept any gift, money, check,property, free vacation, special discounts etc. that would render the Companyliable. Personal aids and donations cannot be accepted from any person ororganization engaged in a business relationship with the Company.

  • It is essential that employees donot accept any gifts or benefits that may affect their impartiality, decisionsand conduct, and do not attempt to offer gifts and benefits to third partiesthat may have such effects.
  • It is forbidden to receive gifts or benefits that are implicitly or explicitlyassociated with a compensation or reward. Receiving, giving or offering bribesand/or commissions is unacceptable under any circumstances.