Natural Sodium Sulphate

Sodium sulphate is a neutral salt that naturally occurs in mineral form.

 Indicated with the formula “Na2SO4”, Anhydrous Sodium Sulphate is mostly found in brackish water lakes and in solid form in mineral deposits, as well as synthetically produced as byproduct of certain products through various chemical methods.

The Refined Sodium Sulphate Production Facilities, located in Çardak – Denizli, is where we produce Anhydrous Natural Refined Sodium Sulphate (Na2SO4) with a purity grade of 99.5%.

The raw material (Crystal Sodium Sulphate) required for the production of Natural Refined Sodium Sulphate is manufactured through all-natural methods in the licensed pool operations at our Acıgöl mining sites, located between the provincial borders of Denizli - Afyonkarahisar.

The processes in our Refined Sodium Sulphate production facility does not involve any raw material addition of organic & inorganic chemicals other than Natural Crude Crystal Sodium Sulphate. All processes are in strict compliance with the INDITEX and EKOTEKS criteria..

All these advantages play a key role in the preference of Natural Sodium Sulphate.

Refined Sodium Sulphate is packed and shipped to customers in 25 Kg and 50 Kg Sacks and 1000 Kg and 1250 Kg Big Bags.


Advantages of Natural Sodium Sulphate…

Natural Sodium Sulphate does not contain any heavy metals and toxic minerals such as zinc, arsenic, lead, and chrome. Moreover, Natural Sodium Sulphate having a pH range of 6.5 – 8 is also an indication that it does not have any acidic properties.

Other advantages Natural Sodium Sulphate offers over Synthetic Sodium Sulphate are as follows;

  • Odorless, fluid, white crystalline, homogeneous compound.
  • Has a minimum purity grade of 99.0%.
  • Easily soluble in water and has high solubility.
  • Neutral solution with a pH range of 6.5 – 8.0. (Neither Acidic nor Basic)
  • Does not contain any toxic chemicals. Classified as ‘nonhazardous’.
  • Non-flammable, and has fire extinguishing properties.
  • Can be stored for long periods of time without deteriorating in moisture-free indoor areas.


Usage Areas of Natural Sodium Sulphate

Sodium Sulphate is primarily used in the manufacturing of detergent, textile dye, glass, paper, fertilizer, animal feed and various chemicals.

*  Detergent Industry

Natural Refined Sodium Sulphate plays a vital role in powder detergent production. It does not contain toxic chemicals that are harmful for human, animal and plant health as well as the environment, and it is relatively high-density and economical. It sees use as a filler in the formulas of powder detergents, and optimizes the cost of detergent production. It maintains the moisture balance in the powder detergent and prevents clumping. Sodium sulfate is neutral, compatible with other additives, non-corrosive and environmentally friendly, and is preferred in detergent production.

It has safe use as it is natural and easily dissolved in water and does not harm the environment.


Textile Industry

Natural Sodium Sulphate sees significant use in the textile sector, during the dyeing process thanks to the advantages and superior qualities it offers. It ensures that the dye penetrates the fabric in a completely homogeneous and reliable manner.

Sodium Chloride aqueous solution is also used as a substitute for Sodium Sulphate during the dyeing process in the textile industry. However, due to its advantages listed below, Sodium Sulphate is preferred more in the textile dyeing process...


Advantages of Sodium Sulphate Usage in Textile Dyeing:

1.     Sodium Sulphate eliminates the risk of agglomeration, especially for darker tones (red, navy blue, dark blue, black and turquoise colors).

2.     Thanks to its high water solubility, it provides a homogeneous solution

3.     It is used in many dyestuff grades as a dye leveler agent as well as an inhibitoror accelerator for dyestuff uptake.

4.     It ensures stronger bonding (fixing) of the dyestuff with the fabric fibers.

5.     Since it is a natural and refined product, it has a purity rate of99.0%. This ensures consistent use of a product with superior quality standard.

6.     Its being all-natural means that it does not contain heavy metals,organic and inorganic chemicals that will impair the dyeing quality and areharmful to human health.

7.     The fact that it ensures high-quality dyeing also provides greatercustomer satisfaction.

Glass Industry

Sodium Sulphate plays a vital role in the formation of frit during glass production. It is used at a rate of 3% in glass production.

Paper Industry

Cellulose has a crucial place in the world economy as it is the basic raw material for the paper industry. Sodium sulphate is one of the key chemicals used in the production of cellulose and in fiber scouring.

* Animal Feed Industry

It is used as an auxiliary nutritional supplement in the production of animal feed due to its benefits for the digestive system in animals.

In Production of Various Chemical Substances

Refined Sodium Sulphate is used as a raw material in the production of chemicals such as Sodium Sulphate (Arsenic), Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Sulphate, and Aluminum Sulphate.

Refined Sodium Sulphate Product Specifications

Refined Sodium Sulphate Safety Data Sheet