Founded in 1974 with headquarters in IZMIR and having remained public since its incorporation, SODAŞ is a well-established company that seeks to serve the benefit of the national economy, create added value, and ensure the development of the local population wherever its facilities are located.

We are aware of the great effort and hard work our employees put in since our incorporation that have immeasurably helped us in making the SODAŞ the company it is today. Always keeping this in mind, it is our primary duty to show all kinds of self-sacrifice for the tangible and inner development of our employees.  

We have set as our goal to create a comfortable, productive, peaceful and safe environment and to share the achievements of our Company with all our employees by vastly improving their Working Environment, Education, Occupational Health and Safety, and Motivation to the best of our ability. In line with these goals, we expect our employees to treat other people and the nature with utmost respect, commit to the company values, have a strong sense of loyalty and belonging, and work with efficiency, honesty and self-sacrifice.

When taking a look back at our employee background, one can realize that three generations have been working within our company. This is a clear indication that we have made the right choice in human resources, and that we are quite the right fit for our employees as well.