Çardak Refined Sodium Sulphate Factory

Established in 1974 as an Izmir-based company SODAŞ SODYUM SANAYİİ A.Ş. has its production facility located in Çardak district of Denizli province.

With the construction works having begun in 1976 in Çardak district on the shore of Acıgöl, located within the borders of Denizli - Afyonkarahisar Province, the facility launched production for the very first time in 1977.  

Although the Refined Sodium Sulphate production capacity was initially 15,000 tons/year, this was expanded in 1984 to 25,000 tons/year.  

In the face of increasing demands, SODAŞ decided to purchase a Refined Sodium Sulphate Production Facility from Hoechst AG/Germany in 1997. The purchased facility was disassembled in Germany and reassembled in Denizli - Çardak, thus further expanding the total Refined Sodium Sulphate production capacity to 58.000 Tons/Year.  

Commissioned in 1998, the facility carved itself a prominent place among the world's leading Refined Sodium Sulphate producers thanks to its increased capacity, and made a significant impact on the development of both national and local economy.  

As a result of these investments, Sodaş Çardak Refined Sodium Sulphate Facilities maintains its operations on an outdoor area of 152.963 m² and indoor area of 16,803 m².

With the investments made in the production pools with the aim to meet the excess demand in both the domestic and foreign markets, SODAŞ currently boasts a total Pre-evaporation and Production pool capacity of approximately 9,850,000 m².

For the Refined Sodium Sulphate and Crystal Sodium Sulphate produced in Çardak Sodium Sulphate facilities, the existence of ISO 9001 Quality Management System was registered and documented in February 2001, and existence of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System in June 2009 with the the inspections and audits carried out in said facilities. These systems and certifications are maintained through annual audits.

Company Capacity Report: